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Special Offer for Runner’s World Editors:


You too can lose a reader!

It’ll be easy! Follow these easy steps from this special offer:

1) Send me another ad with my monthly subscription that is this offensive to women:

2) Don’tĀ apologizeĀ in the next issue for perpetuating the idea that women need to be concerned with how they look and especially how they look naked as opposed to living a healthy lifestyle.

Look, I don’t read Women’s Health. Is it possible they’re a magazine that promotes a strong and self-reliant woman? Sure, but based on the cover and “health guides” (HA!) shown on this ad, I don’t read Women’s Health because they think I, as a woman, should be concerned with ‘big sex secrets’ and ‘how I look naked’. Guess what? No.

I understand you make money via these ads stuck in plastic with our decently low priced monthly subscription, but you should be more discerning about what ads you approve. Women runners are strong, healthy women who don’t appreciate being told that maybe we’re not good enough and should work on that. Remember how confidence is an important part of running, racing, and life? Magazines and ads like this work against that confidence to tell women there’s more than training and working hard and meeting goals (in any facet of life) – there are ‘cellulite blasters’ and ‘super-hot sex secrets’ and ’6 flat-belly powerfoods’.

I don’t get women’s magazines because I don’t want to be told I should be concerned with how I look or if I’m pleasing my man. I read Runner’s World because it tells me how to run effectively and be healthy. Stick to that, even in advertising, RW, and you’ll have me for life.
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