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To Challenge Oneself


Most of you who know me know that I like a good challenge. In fact, I LOVE a good challenge. I love challenges to the point of being a little ridiculous about being willing to take them on. (Have you met my dog? Biggest challenge ever. And most rewarding.)

Of course, I think this goes along a little with being a perfectionist. How can I be perfect if I don’t rise to every occasion? I fight perfectionism at every turn, but I feel like taking every challenge is part of that. Because I will not succeed at every challenge, and it is good for me to fail. Taking challenges is actually a great fight against perfectionism. What perfectionism tells you to do is be wary of starting something at which you may not succeed.

These are two challenges at which I intend to not fail.

From Thanksgiving until Christmas I intend to 1) run at least one mile every day. Some days I will run more, but I will run at least one every day. * barring serious illness. 2) I will blog every day. It doesn’t have to be long, but it has to be real.

Why am I doing this? As for running, I need something to keep me in line. I’ve been up and down this year with running. Great, awful, great, awful. I need something to get me started every day, even if I don’t do more than that mile. I need to be fully into it by the start of January, because next year is a new year.

The blogging? I think I have good things to say. I think people should read them. But this blog has been relatively dormant for many years, and in order to get people to read it, and to find my comfortable voice, I have to practice.


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