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Missed one


Okay, I missed a day of blogging. I have not missed any days of running, however.

I did my one mile tonight on the treadmill. It was a gloomy, overcast day. I woke up tired, coffee didn’t help. I ran a couple of errands in the middle of the day (including a trip to the dog park with Rusty…and no other dogs). So that left me the treadmill, which I don’t mind at all. Especially when it’s just one mile.

I knew within one minute of starting my run that this could have been a fantastic long workout for me. I also knew I couldn’t let that happen. It was quite frustrating.

The way my legs were working, the way my lungs were moving, my form, everything was right for this to be a great workout.

But it wouldn’t have been smart. It would have been too much. My legs have been a little sore, and I know I increased mileage way too fast from last week to this week. Knowing my body, I know it wasn’t dangerously fast, just faster than advised. (9 miles to 18 miles).

It’s pretty obvious to me what I’m going to learn from doing at least one mile a day from Thanksgiving until Christmas – restraint. Sticking to a schedule, and when I’m only doing a one mile run, only do one mile. I did it tonight, which gives me hope for learning this lesson.

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