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The day after Thanksgiving


Today proved to be an excellent day for cleaning the office. I certainly wasn’t going to get any work done (although, I did as someone called 4 (FOUR) days late to run a payroll for the end of the month).

Anyway, got rid of a table, several boxes of books and stuff, and two file cabinets. Vacuumed, wipes surfaces, I even cleaned the printer. Crazy. Rusty, of course, was not happy about the vacuum. But he put up with it more readily than usual. I dare say, he might be getting used to it.

Rusty and I also stopped at the dog park. Training with Samantha, and having spent time at the dog park with her, I have such a strong opinion on how you and your dog should act at the dog park.

I know several owners by sight that I know I don’t like how they let their dogs act. I keep a very close eye on Rusty, and if he starts humping (which he does, especially with golden retrievers, and especially when he’s tired), I know to immediately stop it.

One of owners there today had her two dogs with her. They are of a breed that is large, dominant, and while very sweet, can be very threatening if they aren’t handled well. Together with two to three other dogs of the same breed, they tortured Rusty one day at the dog park, so much that he and I left. (By tortured, I mean they ganged up and chased him and tried to dominate him, when he clearly wanted no part of it, and they owners weren’t even watching. They were sitting and talking at the other end of the park.)

Today, I just noticed that she also lets her male dog hump much longer than is appropriate before calling him off another dog.

I want to be clear, this breed is not one that is considered an aggressive breed. The ‘aggressive breed’ designation is something I’m wholeheartedly against, anyway. There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

Of course, I don’t say anything to the owner at the dog park. All of our dogs have bad habits that we just can’t control (mine will run at any cat. Ever. And nips at ankles, because that’s what his herding nature tells him to do). Maybe this is the worst thing her dog does. It’s her behavior I don’t like. If only ever trip to the dog park could be with the trainer, who has the authority and confidence to tell people they’re not controlling their dogs as is expected at the dog park.

And regardless, it’s not like her behavior was a detriment to anybody’s fun.

No real point to today’s blog post. Just getting the words out.

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