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When you’re self employed, you end up going into the office (or working if you don’t have an office) on days which you would much rather be doing something else. Like holidays. And Saturdays. As you drive into the office and get yourself ready for work, you contemplate all the things you’d rather do. Like garage sale-ing, hiking, home improvement, reading, watching movies, and the list goes on…

But this amazing thing happens when you go to the office on a holiday or Saturday (or Sunday) – you get work done. No one knows you’re there, so they don’t call, only a few happen to email, they don’t stop by. You get work…done! There aren’t 5000 constant interruptions, and you don’t feel yourself being pulled from project to project before you’re ready.

This happened last Saturday to some degree, but it was amazing today. I just can’t even tell you how much more I get done on a Saturday than during the week. We got so much done that we decided we could work from home tomorrow (corporate extensions for tax returns are due September 15, if you’re wondering what the rush is for). So we packed up what we’d need to get tomorrow, and will only go into the office if something unforeseen happens (like, the power goes out and we can’t log into our computers, or there’s a sudden parade outside our house with lots of music and loud noises).

First thing tomorrow morning though, I have to go for a long run. I need to get back up to 6 to 7 miles every weekend so I’ll be ready for The Dirty Dash and to pick up training for the half-marathon after that.

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