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Running wish list


So, I’m just taking it easy before the Dirty Dash on Saturday (packet pickup tonight! yay!) and then diving into half-marathon training next week. While I should be getting stuff done here at the office…

This is a list of things I would love to have while training this fall/winter:

First, a pair of  Vibram Five Fingers. Either the KSO or the KSO Trek (since they are now available in women’s sizes). I’d like to give barefoot running a try, both for the physical aspects, and because I think learning to run barefoot would be a good mental break for easy days.

Since it’s definitely fall outside, and colder temps with wet weather are coming fast, I really would like a new running jacket. I’m not really picky about what kind. Zip off sleeves would be cool, but not necessary. Oh, and pockets. The Outdoor Research Women’s Synapse would be a good choice according to an old Runner’s World article. I’m not really looking for warmth so much as wind/rain/snow protection. The most important part is that any zippers don’t rub my neck or chin… 

I saw this Marmot Firefly jacket in the Marmot store when I bought my PreCip for hiking this summer. This jacket is awesome. It’s super soft, has wind-stopper technology, is really warm, and venting. Awesome, but obviously expensive. Way out of my league. (I only got the PreCip because I had a gift card!)

Garmin 405. Okay, truthfully, I’d be okay with the 205, the 305, or the 405. I wouldn’t be that picky. My basic requirements are that it has a GPS and can connect to a computer. I do like my Nike+, but I yearn for elevation and altitude info, and would like the capability to program in workouts.

A pair of Yaktrax so I don’t have to abandon plans when it snows or ices over. My favorite 5-mile loop goes under a couple of tunnels that become absolute ice if it gets even the slightest bit warmer…or colder..or someone looks at them wrong. Plus they pack the rail trail in the area so runners, walkers, and bikers can use it, and it’d be nice to be able to use it between packings.

My own personal masseuse. Yep, just like this: 

What’s on your fall/winter wish list?

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