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The Dirty Dash


The Dirty Dash was a blast!

Chris took a pretty good set of pictures, but I won’t post all of them.

Here’s me before: 

Here’s everybody starting out uphill in the mud:

Soon after that, we hit the dirt, and I realized quickly that I was allergic to whatever was in the air today. My throat burned…the entire race. There were a couple of water stations, but they were little relief. Although, this explains a lot about why I never had good races in this area in high school.

Here are is a picture of one set of walls.

There were three or four walls. This is after several mud pits, snow machines (only blowing water because it’s so hot), lots of hay bales, and tunnels to crawl through. I found myself amply prepared for the walls – our cross country course in high school went over several fences and through a river, and I found the knowledge gained there invaluable today. I got over walls much faster than other people, and knew what I had to do to keep from losing any shoes. Oh, on the side of the walls you can see the slip-and-side, which was toward the end and was the best part, without a doubt.

Here’s me going through the mud-pit:

And here’s me afterward: 

And…here’s the blisters. Now, I’m usually a fan of just leaving blisters alone. But do you see that? That’s MUD IN my blister. I’ll be cleaning that out now.

I traded times with someone for a 4PM instead of a 9AM race time (see here). So, who knows if my time will show up in his age group or mine (we did notify race officials, who were totally cool with it). But either way, I’m excited to see how well I did. I ran surrounded by a group of guys, so I assume I was going a pretty decent pace. I expect results will be posted sometime in the next week.

Regardless, it was so much fun. If you have the chance to enter a mud run, definitely go for it!

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