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Hmm. Should I do a small update?

School started Monday. Chris and I must keep reminding ourselves that there are only two classes. That’s right. We’ll be done by the end of August. Free. Freedom. I must contain my excitement, or I’ll burst. This first class is a marketing class – meaning, painfully vomit-inducing with marketing and business buzz-words. At least the last class is an accounting class – and one for which I probably am well-prepared.

My 10-year high school reunion has been planned for August. Chris’ has been planned for the same weekend, but he seems to have no interest in going back for it. That’s okay. He can come to mine.

I did the Salt Lake City half-marathon a few weeks ago. I hadn’t trained, so I ran about half, walked about half. It was very exciting to do another one, though. I have been running pretty well since then. And it’s finally (just now) stopped snowing and started getting warm, so I’ll be able to run outside on the weekends.

I’ve packed the next half year with races. I’m kind of turning into a junkie – I don’t know whether I have to cure myself of this because races cost money, or if I should embrace it because signing up for races will ensure I train for them. But, here’s a basic outline of my plan:

Late May – 5K

mid-June – Wasatch Back Relay

July 4 – Annual 4th of July Run

July 19 – half-marathon

July 26 – 10K? Maybe. It’s called the “Toughest 10K”, which, for some reason, is appealing to me.

August 23 – half-marathon

Oct 5 – Portland marathon (for which, supposedly, my mom and sister are going to train to walk).

I’m pretty excited about this. Most of the races (except the Portland) are close (within 4 hours).

In a continuing quest to be healthy and in-shape, I’ve started a food log. Is it going to help? Who knows. Will I forget about it in a few days? Probably.

Ah yes. The house. The house will (hopefully) get power washed this weekend. I’m working (it’s turned into a long project) on painting the hallway. We have also gotten closer to figuring out the front porch railing.

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