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Plans for the year:
Run a marathon  – training started; debating on Las Vegas vs Tucson Marathon – they are on the same day
Finish school
Finish all my unfinished crocheting and knitting projects  – some has been done; more has not
Redo my entire yard and fence  – started; menacing trees are gone, and I’ve done some planting. I just don’t have money to do the fence, though. That’s the biggest problem with this one.
Finish painting the inside of my house – oh dear…this one looms over me.

Other goals:
Lose weight and get in shape
Cook at home more; eat out less

Watch TV less; read more – this should come with the being done with school. In fact, I’ve read a book and started another since finishing school less than a week ago!
Keep my office cleaner :)

I would also like to feel stable enough (and have a good enough yard) to get a dog. – This will wait, pending a fence. There are external factors (i.e., a friend may come to live with us next year, and she has a dog) which could postpone this for a few years.

Thoughts? I’ve certainly finished a few things, and a few things will be much easier to finish now that the big item (finish school) is completed.

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